TGM 7 years later

TGM 7 years later

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

6 am Thursday 50 min and then 

7 pm Thursday night! All I can say is WOW 🙌🏻 yes we are TGM not a hot class or any hot dark workout. 

Website is really coming together and nothing is a coincidence! I THANK YOU ALL FOR UNDERSTANDING, APPRECIATING and LOVING THE FINE gave me the courage and confidence to finally make sense of so many things!!! TGM IS ONE OF A KIND....and I can not stop painting, designing, styling, curating ....SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!!!! I😝😝😝blessed to be able to create things for all of you that never existed in this world. My vision is big and please follow me (I don't just post stuff to post) in fact I am very humbled that there is a lot of love for my art. Follow me and us on Instagram TGM By Tracey Gardner (with an "E") I am ready to share and sell my handmade, handcrafted pieces along with my favorite "must haves" !! Manduka, dōTERRA, Onzie and more ... we have really evolved into this amazing culture, brand, lifestyle thus why I would not just throw a sign up or put tickets on things until I was ready. There is a story behind all of my designs, creations and what we do with our bodies... It is so hard for me to leave you with that... but I have to because the laundry I have to do is insane! So thanks for trusting me and I now understand why great things take time, patience and the right people! And I have my people that I cherish more than any material thing because they allowed me to be me and create the vibes, music, the whole brand of TGM. We are a movement that is unlike anything in the world! Star ⭐️ girl vibe... See you in the morning. Doors open at 545 am and lock at 6 am ///50 minutes in and out ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 


DO WHAT YOU CAN..DROP INS WELCOME THE RED MIND BODY LINK BELOW WILL GUIDE YOU TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND HELP YOU BOOK YOUR CLASS CLICK HERE THIS will LINK you TO SIGN in and get that month unlimited for only $100 because as we add more classes it will slightly increase...



LOCATION right off of 670 and Third street exit into downtown Columbus, in fact it is the first light make a left on Chestnut and right next to Oh Pizza and Brew ....117 East Chestnut Street is where you enter and check in...(lots of meters and lots around and Sunday downtown free parking all meters) our terrace is on Third Street and the first billboard you see sits right inside of it


it's all about the music FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY "Tracey Gardner" will have my favorite beats that I am into now up soon....

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