....HELLO DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS get ready .....

....HELLO DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS get ready .....
117 East Chestnut Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 (corner of third and chestnut) December 2015 new studio same crazy


TRACEY GARDNER METHOD TGM New studio.... right of 670 as you head into downtown Columbus on third Street

Opening December 2015

117 East Chestnut

Columbus Ohio 43215


TGM TRACEY GARDNER METHOD schedule, menu, etc...coming soon.., The official date will be announced tis week! stay connected and there will be 15 to 20 classes per week!

What is Tracey Gardner Method TGM? TGM is the safest place for your body, mind and soul.

5 plus years later, TGM (my own creation of beliefs and philosophy on a what I wanted in a workout...)YES still the most undefinable fitness experience layered with my need for darkness, music, scent, steam, heat, good vibes and energy.

YOU WILL GET SOAKED in sweat... and it is about letting go of insecurities and becoming vulnerable as an individual. It will change your life and get you high if you understand that is a process for each individual.

It is a way to release aggression, depression, stress, and many other things all done in the DARK. Self infliction of body work and losing your mind. TGM is Self Expression that guarantees massive results, on the inside and outside. You physically will see results in just a couple classes and there is the addiction to the TGM ENDORPHIN HIGH. we don't hang out in groups or judge. ALL shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels and people like me who never had a place in life until I created TGM...

My philosophy is all about self love and doing what you can.








NOTHING BUT LOVE AND ENERGY. The true escape and best medicine for your soul.

NO ONE DEFINING YOU. NO ONE COMPETING WITH YOU. It is all about you and that one hour on the mat experience from the "real world" "reality" "struggles" "hardship"

I am not a fitness instructor. I am an artist who believes that working out and fitness should be craved not dreaded. There is only one TGM. WE ARE NOT YOGA, PILATES, CROSSFIT, BARRE or just a workout done in a hot studio.

I CRAVE CREATING and I CREATE THE CRAVE from my soul. TGM is often imitated BUT can not be duplicated, copied or mastered...fitness, workout creation... The ultimate one hour experience where you will sweat (TGM Steam therapy) in the dark always and NO MIRRORS (nightclub vibe), get intoxicated from the TGM scent (TGM Scent therapy) lose your mind to the beats (TGM music therapy) mixed exclusively for TGM classes by myself.

that is TGM... My fucking passion to have fun, find yourself and get lost in the dark...

more coming soon.... but if you want the most cutting edge, crazy intense experience that awakens your senses... TGM is that a true sensory experience that is and has changed lives daily!!!!!!!!

If it is not for you, that is ok, just be kind. Everyone needs something different in life thus I needed to create my healthy addiction because I HAVE A VERY ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY...TGM is my first healthy and created it from a feeling not a text book. I get bored before you and so do our bodies and that is why this evolution of TGM is happening. I want to change your life, inspire you, give you internal strength, endurance and a place where it is ok to admit your crazy!!!

lots more to come. I can't wait to see you and any questions please email Novag.tgm@gmail.com

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117 East Chestnut Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(corner of third street and chestnut) right off of 670 into downtown Columbus (the first main artery street)

the sweat. the dark. the crazy.

studio. Columbus, Ohio



AND #TGMisnothotyoga or just a hot workout...see for yourself

Monday, January 3, 2011


Ok so I now know how to do all sorts of "behind the scenes stuff" of blogging, IPS configuration, DNS stuff, blah, blah, blah...I don't know what any of it means...but I did it and learned a lot.....and my website is now www.traceygardnermethod.com

Speaking of learning, 2010 was the year of learning and surviving... The roller coaster ride  of 2010.  Jan 2010 we were at the New Albany Ballet studio and if you would have told me by Jan 2011, I would have my own studio, been ambassador to lululemon Columbus and then had it taken away because of a Facebook post complementing VSX (Victoria's Secret Sports Line),  been in NYC doing TGM with Pravassa Healthy Travel and instructing at lululemon in Soho, on 3 news channels, featured as "the in" thing to do in CMH Magazine and as one of the healthy businesses sharing the pages with one of my favorite restaurants North Star Cafe, and had a DVD release party that was sponsored by Victoria's Secret VSX line...oh and and went to to the Victoria's Secret fashion show, I wouldn't have believed it in one lifetime...and personally everything that I wanted to work on for three years was given no option Aug 30 when I was asked for a divorce...I keep mentioning "the divorce" because I am not sure why it was asked for when it was, ...2 days after the opening of my studio.  Ummm and they are a fortune especially if you need a good attorney! But again I wish Craig nothing but the best...It has been quite difficult but also a realization that I can survive through anything. Many people came into my life and I feel truly blessed to have them...and...some left and I wish them well but everything is about the now for me and moving forward...letting go has been essential in healing in many ways and in order to move forward, you must let go in order to survive...
As I always I still don't get the hype, but I get soooooo super excited to see so many of you and talk with you about how TGM has helped all of u in many ways...for me it has been LIFE CHANGING...every aspect from your stories, testimonials, support, non-judging, and a place of happiness oh and the workout too...The after effect of getting the "runners high" is truly the best feeling and I as I always say, this wasn't supposed to happen and I guess that is why it is truly surreal to me...I created TGM, my method for many reasons, physically and mentally and I am truly gracious that so many of you get it...

So 2011 will be the addition of classes, new instructors, workshops and many other things...The schedule will have additions beginning next week and I will update all of you ASAP...You can come to any class, they are listed as levels because Angie, who is amazing at teaching the essentials, goes slow and is a great explainer...I am not, but I am an adrenaline junkie...You can attend any class but know in the mixed up and kicked up things won't be explained in much detail..you can also step out of the studio at anytime, lay on your mat, just please no talking...We are working on finding the right mic but in the meantime I am going to stagger my instructors and future instructors around the room so you can watch the movement. My method is constantly evolving and is not text book...the positive energy is contagious and the passion I have is unstoppable...so I want to say thanks for a great journey in 2010...please remember to presign in for all classes with HEIDI.TGM@GMAIL.COM we do get busy and YES WE TAKE CREDIT CARDS, SELL WATER, MATS, TOWELS....and have to limit the classes to 50 people so please reserve your spot and if you can't make it please cancel....Cheers to some madness in 2011...you never know what will happen in my world :) Hugs to all of you and the schedule is posted to the left....Namaste'

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