TGM 7 years later

TGM 7 years later

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! WAY SOLD OUT and please check in at the front desk with us before heading to studio...we open the doors at 9 am, class begins at 930 am! It is going to be or tradition of 50 so please be ready

to stagger, to get soaked, and most importantly shower before class!!! You sweat a lot more and it is a clean sweat... I LOVE A GOOD FRESH SWEAT! it is going to be amazing have all of you in my place of creation and passion on Thanksgiving Day...  I am so thankful for all of you...Please just remember no phones and no talking... RESPECT is MY BELIEF TRACEY GARDNER METHOD...TGM the workout, studio, dark, heat and so much more is a piece of me! It is truly my self expression as an artist and it happens to give amazing mind, body and soul results... It is a "workout" if you want it to be but when I step on that mat, I am one of you...I am not a fitness instructor, I am an artist taking our bodies on a journey of self expression... No pressure. The energy is going to be ridiculous and yes I am very intense bc I feel the music takes us to a different place... I seriously am so excited to see you in a few hours SO THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE SPENDING 930 am with me. It is so special to me!!!! #truelove #gracious #passion

Happy Thanksgiving and so much loooove and good vibrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DO WHAT YOU CAN..DROP INS WELCOME THE RED MIND BODY LINK BELOW WILL GUIDE YOU TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND HELP YOU BOOK YOUR CLASS CLICK HERE THIS will LINK you TO SIGN in and get that month unlimited for only $100 because as we add more classes it will slightly increase...



LOCATION right off of 670 and Third street exit into downtown Columbus, in fact it is the first light make a left on Chestnut and right next to Oh Pizza and Brew ....117 East Chestnut Street is where you enter and check in...(lots of meters and lots around and Sunday downtown free parking all meters) our terrace is on Third Street and the first billboard you see sits right inside of it


it's all about the music FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY "Tracey Gardner" will have my favorite beats that I am into now up soon....

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