Monday, November 9, 2015

TGM Tracey Gardner Method ADDICTION... the sweat, the dark and the crazy are at the warehouse til this Sunday

IMPORTANT if you need your fix like me and need to sweat it all out in the dark and get some of my crazy this is our last week at the warehouse YES WE ARE at 6057 Taylor Rd. Gahanna (our sweat box) through Sunday November 15... Please register online as space is limited and we have been filling the room.

DECEMBER 2015!!!!!!!!!! It is almost here and OMG I can not wait to be back to a full TGM Schedule and our own space flooded with TGM merchandise and all of my favorite things... It will be the ultimate crazy experience more than my first creation 5 years ago... I have evolved and I know what we need and exactly what I want to give you the best possible hour of mind, body, soul therapy.  Yes DARKER, STEAMIER and CRAZIER. NYC loft like (exposed brick) raw and urban.  Sign up and subscribe to this blog to stay in the know LOTS GOING ON and I will update here all the time as the website gets a new look ... Our new address DECEMBER 2015 is 117 East Chestnut Street (corner of third and Chestnut) so basically if you are on 670 either way coming into to downtown Columbus you will get off at third street and Chestnut is the first street to left.. it is the first main artery street as you head in to downtown, the first billboard into downtown is anchored inside our outdoor terrace. Lots of detailed information will be coming to you...As I continue to redefine, reinvent and bring back classic TGM moves and flow I will be teaching and then yes instructors will be added to the schedule... We will also have a TGM teacher training in 2016. just stay connected.

YES YOU CAN PRE PURCHASE YOUR classes 10, 20, 30 packs for downtown as prices will slightly go up on packages and drop in rates... Yes we will be full service again, water, merchandise and everything in between and the studio will have so many additional times for classes and more.

I personally thank you for emails and all of your support annd I am trying my best to get back to you so if you need anything your best bet is to contact NOVA G directly as she will be your point of contact for now...

so even if you are not coming to TGM now you can still pre buy your classes for downtown and get the current pricing. All questions please send to

and I want to thank a special TGM'er and friend for this amazing quote...I get lots and I ADORE them all!!! this one just touched me at the right time and gave me goosebumps! 

Thanks friend xoxoxo for this and thanks to all of you for getting how hard I have worked over the years for this and it is still hard work but my passion is CRAZY FIERCE!

The schedule is up for this week on mind and body (red link above)  and I will post here as well

TUESDAY 630 pm
SUNDAY 10 am



DO WHAT YOU CAN..DROP INS WELCOME THE RED MIND BODY LINK BELOW WILL GUIDE YOU TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND HELP YOU BOOK YOUR CLASS CLICK HERE THIS will LINK you TO SIGN in and get that month unlimited for only $100 because as we add more classes it will slightly increase...


Created in 2010, the first hot, dark, anti yoga one hour workout in Columbus Ohio. 2017 NOW REFINED and in the pitch dark, one red light . Not just hot, but steamy wet, 75 percent humidity, and based from hot power yoga vinyasa flow. NOT typical yoga. Innovative, intense will redefine, lengthen, burn 1000 calories plus if you like to go to the edge. SOULFUL, DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT, NO MACHINES. CORE BASED. VIBES, MUSIC and so powerfully sexy and empowering


LOCATION right off of 670 and Third street exit into downtown Columbus, in fact it is the first light make a left on Chestnut and right next to Oh Pizza and Brew ....117 East Chestnut Street is where you enter and check in...(lots of meters and lots around and Sunday downtown free parking all meters) our terrace is on Third Street and the first billboard you see sits right inside of it.

WHO IS TRACEY GARDNER AND WHAT IS TGM?Tracey Gardner Method abbreviated TGM is the intense fitness workout experience create by TRACEY GARDNER. Undefinable, the opposite of a bright, cold gym. The opposite of any fitness class because it is up to you and how hard you want it..No pressure, no competition, no being called out, no talking, no hands on adjusting...Just an escape to feed your soul. We sculpt, lengthen, define and build endurance, strength and stamina using our body weight, squeezing, activating and engaging every muscle from the fingers to the toes. Every class is different and created by Tracey through her series of injuries, depression, addictions. It is designed for everyone! Especially those who love a good runners high but hate to workout. It is different in so many ways and gives you the courage to keep going when all you want to do is give up. You can take as many breaks as you need and it takes at least 10 classes to understand the technique...but be patient, once it clicks it will give you a body you never thought you could get, your mind becomes clear and the crave becomes an addiction.

TGM IS NOT HOT YOGA, TGM IS NOT YOGA or PILATES or anything else you have ever done. You have to experience it to understand it and the evolution is constant as Tracey continues to create, tweak, reinvent every six weeks because she gets bored before anyone. TGM is the result of her being treated and medicated for her depression, anxiety and severe ADHD. After 6 weeks of the right doctor and medications TGM was born in 2008 and has continued to evolve and it is the best it has ever been.The struggle is real and part of her story and creation.
Her energy is contagious and she will make you crave working out instead of dreading it...

Entrance is on Chestnut and there are tons of meters and paid lots around but ask us if you have any specific questions


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