Friday, July 29, 2016

....needing my therapy on that mat with all of you!!!!!!

Nothing like the hour on that mat and I am so excited for 2 on Saturday!!! I am ready to kick It up at 830 am and 1030  New playlists and lots of new adrenaline ready to explode and give you some !!!!

Music is what helps me..the lyrics say things better than I can and they just ease whatever I am dealing with!!!! So a huge thank you to all of you have been complimenting the playlists.  I LOVE MIXING THE  MUSIC AND I HAVE FOUND SO MANY GREAT SONGS THAT I FORGOT I HAD... Getting lost in the music on the mat is the way I flow is completely natural for me to be in the moment and As I feel the music we move or hold and squeeze...  and it's not just dance beats. I'm so into Lana, Nine Inch Nails, Halsey, Eminem, and the list is endless. My collection of music is so huge and everything I play lately is a reminder to when I played it the first time. In my world, there is a  story behind everything and the story is released through self expression whether it's in class through movement and strength or in my artwork that is hanging all over the lobby from the ceiling rafters to the exposed brick walls. And then my love for fashion is a huge piece of TGM, the wraps I make for our legs, ankles wrists, that we all wear. TGM has become a true lifestyle and culture and if you like standing out and bring you then it's for you. Mediocre vanilla bores me and everything I design, create comes organically to me... I'm not trendy, top 40 or into anything mainstream... So if you like top 40 music ...I won't be playing it.  MOST LIKELY I WILL  have played before it was top 40 or I will go back to it. Being different is something that I am finally embracing and that's why we really can't fit into a category or box at TGM. I will be sharing some pretty special testimonials in the next couple days and it's so cool how everyone gets my intention and feels the energy and truly gets the life changer TGM can be got you if you let yourself be vulnerable. It's all about letting go and getting lost to escape reality. Thank you for getting how special it is and being patient as it has taken so long to get the details right. It's still not yet there but almost and every single detail you know it only gets better, harder and more addicting each time! And I get bored before anyone!!! 

Schedule this weekend 
SATURDAY 830 and 1030 am Tracey

SUNDAY 11 am and 6 pm

SAVE THE DATE 8.27.2016........


DO WHAT YOU CAN..DROP INS WELCOME THE RED MIND BODY LINK BELOW WILL GUIDE YOU TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND HELP YOU BOOK YOUR CLASS CLICK HERE THIS will LINK you TO SIGN in and get that month unlimited for only $100 because as we add more classes it will slightly increase...


Created in 2010, the first hot, dark, anti yoga one hour workout in Columbus Ohio. 2017 NOW REFINED and in the pitch dark, one red light . Not just hot, but steamy wet, 75 percent humidity, and based from hot power yoga vinyasa flow. NOT typical yoga. Innovative, intense will redefine, lengthen, burn 1000 calories plus if you like to go to the edge. SOULFUL, DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT, NO MACHINES. CORE BASED. VIBES, MUSIC and so powerfully sexy and empowering


LOCATION right off of 670 and Third street exit into downtown Columbus, in fact it is the first light make a left on Chestnut and right next to Oh Pizza and Brew ....117 East Chestnut Street is where you enter and check in...(lots of meters and lots around and Sunday downtown free parking all meters) our terrace is on Third Street and the first billboard you see sits right inside of it.

WHO IS TRACEY GARDNER AND WHAT IS TGM?Tracey Gardner Method abbreviated TGM is the intense fitness workout experience create by TRACEY GARDNER. Undefinable, the opposite of a bright, cold gym. The opposite of any fitness class because it is up to you and how hard you want it..No pressure, no competition, no being called out, no talking, no hands on adjusting...Just an escape to feed your soul. We sculpt, lengthen, define and build endurance, strength and stamina using our body weight, squeezing, activating and engaging every muscle from the fingers to the toes. Every class is different and created by Tracey through her series of injuries, depression, addictions. It is designed for everyone! Especially those who love a good runners high but hate to workout. It is different in so many ways and gives you the courage to keep going when all you want to do is give up. You can take as many breaks as you need and it takes at least 10 classes to understand the technique...but be patient, once it clicks it will give you a body you never thought you could get, your mind becomes clear and the crave becomes an addiction.

TGM IS NOT HOT YOGA, TGM IS NOT YOGA or PILATES or anything else you have ever done. You have to experience it to understand it and the evolution is constant as Tracey continues to create, tweak, reinvent every six weeks because she gets bored before anyone. TGM is the result of her being treated and medicated for her depression, anxiety and severe ADHD. After 6 weeks of the right doctor and medications TGM was born in 2008 and has continued to evolve and it is the best it has ever been.The struggle is real and part of her story and creation.
Her energy is contagious and she will make you crave working out instead of dreading it...

Entrance is on Chestnut and there are tons of meters and paid lots around but ask us if you have any specific questions


it's all about the music FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY "Tracey Gardner" will have my favorite beats that I am into now up soon....

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