Need something fun, different, and want to feel strong empowered and help yourself thrive through life. 

Hand crafted playlists, androgynous scent therapy set the mood. My workout is so physically effective, safe and radically transformational but you must allow yourself to emotionally tap in first.

Emotional well being is a necessity. Self Care changes your life. I learned to take accountability and not settle for anything that feels "off" so I hope to help you find power by using your intuition.  

TGM is many things but will never be put into one category because it is so many things. Triggering our minds to think differently  through scent, sound, music, and our bodies to react and respond to movement, resistance is my speciality. Imagine your body learning and feeling things in a completely opposite way than what you know or think you know. TGM is a feeling you give yourself through using your own body weight as resistance and leverage.  The number one benefit to TGM is a different state of mindfulness and unless you are strong enough to open your mind to a different kind of fitness experience you won't understand it.  But if you are the misfit that dislikes working out like us then you found your home. We are adrenaline junkies, that love a good quality euphoric high. Safety for your body and mind space. It is a juxtaposition and the best part to the workout is "no pressure". We workout in the dark however to understand my technique properly you must learn the fundamentals. We learned that patience with ourselves is the key ingredient. Paying attention to detail is required in the beginning so you can understand the flow. But the transformation is radical, life changing and it is easy to stay consistent once you understand it. It is so the best part of the day. Remember enhancing our mental well being is our kind of fun. It just happens to give you the super lean, strong, tight body as a bonus BUT YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME TO PAY ATTENTION to the technique and then the rhythm of the flow. I don't touch you ever unless you request it. We don't like to be adjusted or touched because we are aware that our bodies are all wired and shaped different. Tracey Gardner Method is my method and unintentionally created because I disliked yoga and working out. 

So if you

Are you stuck in your journey? Or maybe you need to find your passion? Hit a plateau? Need to find something that brings you pleasure, excitement, sexiness and pain? A movement, culture, vibe. magic happens when you decide to change your habits, patterns so you can be the best version of yourself.







These past few years...

I took these last few months to rip a band aid off of lots of emotional pain I was storing since June 2015 s. Closing my New Albany studio end of May 2015 was a difficult decision I had to make because my rent was rising and my staff was not about team building and the aftermath, the heartache I endured was painful but I am not a victim I am a human being and had to understand that not everyone in this world is what they pretend to be. So I learned some pretty hard lessons and thought I could go right into a new space that was never finished. Literally I worked over the last 3 years trying to get it just right but it was not the right space, we did our best and built so much strength but the structural issues and no parking really took a toll on me and I lost myself. So I made a fast decision to get out and rip a band aid off  to let go and heal. I lost myself and was disheartened and I need to fix myself so I could help you find your power within.


It is not just about the workout as so many of you guys know and that is what I had to understand so I could transcribe it and educate you properly. TGM is about finding your self through self control. Mindfulness is first to understand the technical body work. There are different formats but as I begin again in our permanent pop up space I want to get you acclimated.  I have about 500 plus moves in my library of moves to share but I want to teach you the real work in understanding how powerful are hands and our feet are. I want to clear all questions up and help you make the choice for yourself if TGM is your kind of thing. It is not for everyone but those who get it understand being on the mat but the mat for me is better than medicine, therapy anything. no pressure. I can just be. I can just turn the music up and feel the power of a song through my body and release aggression, tension, all of the stuff that makes me want to scream. Yes the. I created round 1 back in  and because I have experienced both sides the top and the bottom I HAVE WISDOM that is a priceless tool to teach  distinct & creative approach to working out.

I hated to workout.

I needed a "fix"  an outlet as a stay at home mom in 2008.  Mystical, mysterious, moody, magic. An escape to soothe our daily stress through music, art, beauty, fashion, design, and scent. I am fiercely passionate, real, unapologetic, unfiltered, tenacious, and my energy is huge. I am on a mission to help you. All of you, like me who have high standards. Do you feel pressure to work out and dread it? I get it. Not everyone likes to workout including myself. You are not alone. I love the endorphin rush at the end. I love to induce your dopamine, trigger your sexy badass and teach you how to use your body in a brand new way but there is just one catch...

Do you have the discipline to commit to yourself? Be selfish for one hour a day and allow your body to feel something different. I needed to get my head on straight and personally change my life because it is easy to get distracted ... SELFISH BE SELFISH for once it is ok. TGM is only about you. I have created the most efficient, exhilarating, hypnotic, addictive workout that starts in your headspace.