Tracey is first and foremost an artist at heart. She unintentionally created a workout that was loosely based on ballet and power yoga. She continued to evolve it, innovating and upcycling because she was bored with the plateaus. The physical, mental, and soulful stagnation that came with working out how others workout never sat well with her. Personally, Tracey dealt with her own darkness; depression, anxiety, addiction, and ADHD made it impossible to stay focused in normal life let alone working out. Constantly distracted, she decided to break loose from the norms of routine that helped create TGM Round 1 in 2010 and in 2015 walked away from the original studio for many reasons but the main reason was the TGM energy she created became stale over the last year and her rent kept going up.

Realizing that TGM had become watered down, Tracey wanted to reclaim it as her own, and taking on significant risk, she decided to rebuild it from the ground up. While her consistent message was lost in the fast success of Round 1, just like any artist Tracey needed to find her voice again. She removed the physical and mental clutter, the naysayers, and those putting obstacles in her way; instead she chose to bring in those who understood her creativity, passion, and desire to deliver an experience that would inspire and challenge those who would partake. It was only with staying true to herself that TGM would rise from the ashes and thrive once more.


Inspired by music, ballet, the theater, the Opera, fashion and art, TGM is distinctively different.