For you guys


The studio is a true masterpiece and keeps better! If you use your hands and find the “dangle” feeling inside watch what happens to your body, mind, soul.... lightness happens and you can levitate. The workout experience is a piece of the brand. FEED YOUR SOUL! FEED YOUR FIRE! FEED YOUR BEAUTIFUL! It is a soul kind of thing and I am understanding it finally  ... we are a brand and there is nothing in the world like TGM. I may be too intense for some of you and I understand that,  I am not for you. But when you tap in and feel the intensity and embrace all of it and let it shine through you then I am your person. You will know. My intuition is now one of my favorite qualities. Magic. Tonight MONDAY AND IT WILL BE DARK EARLY. The best place to be is on that mat with you guys. I am craving it!

 2 classes and they are going to be so much fun because I made the playlists and they are ready to go!


monday 530 p 730 p


So many benefits to TGM so I will tell you a each one daily all week.

1. Sleep better than you have ever slept in your life!


stay tuned tomorrow I will share more. Consistency and discipline are choices and i made them in this process of rebirth rebuilding the brand. 


Tracey Gardner