What if? You finally

Understood the TGM DIVE???  I so can take you there. Verbally I understand one of the hardest TGM moves to help you get the dive and you will never believe what flying feels like until you try. Took me 10 years to understand what I created but now is the the time to get it on! So many of you are coming back and I LOVE it!!  Yes as you all remind me there is only one TGM lifestyle brand workout in the world and I am proud to be the creator and innovator. I have brought my “mood board” to life. TGM is my virtual mood board lifestyle for those who need and love something different that works and taps into the mind first then body. ....it is such a wellness therapy kind of place for those who like the dark side of things and find beauty in everything and anything that is not common. The workout makes sense and it feels so good in the studio! Intoxicating  


630 p up next and in case you were wondering. I cleaned up the mess! A lot of them because messes are not who I am anymore. I hope to inspire you to clean up any mess you need to clean up. Discipline is required 🖤🖤🖤🖤❤️🙏🏻✨thanks for believing you guys beacause we are manifesting some really cool vibes! 




Tracey Gardner