You see if you can figure out my mood???

What kind of class you will get when I get underestimated . Not using an emoji because if you think you know and you like that TGM class “experience” then come. 7 p it is that time!!!!! I AM ON TO IT ! 

This final stage of the creative process is implementation. Why the brand is a culmination of many layers but all layers are to soothe you and make you feel better. TGM is for the mentally strong elite athlete mind. It is intensely focused so you can enter your “flow state of mind”... My next post is all about “flow state of mind”. It is synchronicity. It is trusting yourself. and knowing that you never have to stay in that negative space... close your eyes and imagine what you want to see....start to manifest differently.  I think sharing my wisdom and tough love is important. I get it but I decided to change the end result.... so can you.  

I AM UNBREAKABLE FROM BEING BROKEN SO MANY TIMES. No more shame. Now I want to kick my ass😝 See you soon. So now you know what you will get tonight and some MADONNA confessions album. They lyrics are wise. 



Tracey Gardner