Patience! Learning patience is

A life skill that is essential to growth. I never had patience until these last 5 years and being patient is a commitment to ourselves not having to do with anyone or anything. Patience is hard to understand when we are out of control in our life because we think a “fast fix” will solve the problems. The fast fixes are what holds us back from being the best we can be. So thanks to all of you who have patience and understand that great things don’t happen over night nor do they happen when there is “pressure” so my motto no pressure and have patience will help you on the mat and hopefully inspire you off the mat. You guys made yesterday the 2 best classes I have ever taught and we were completely all vibing at the highest vibrational frequency ever last name night! Thanks!!! 


tonight doors open 630 p and the music is on point again! So excited to see you guys

Tracey Gardner