EST. 2008

tracey gardner method


TGM is self awareness and radical self care. No bullshit, no machines, no weights. NOTHING YOU HAVE DONE CORRECTLY. It is a workout method, a mindset, a distinct culture that is about the quality. A lifestyle for those with expensive taste and who appreciate the finer things in life. AND No longer just a hot, dark workout experience that isn’t yoga. I did that in 2010 with you guys. Time to level up.

When we let it all go. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ–€

I am thankful for everyone & everything that never worked out because I would never have made it to this place. 10 years later I created another method. And another and another.  So powerful to do what we are most afraid to do which is get uncomfortable... it’s quite amazing to cut people out and let go of past. Interesting how we learn so much about ourselves when we step away. I am back here for you and patience has become a skill I learned. I am so thankful to be strong from the inside out and now I can help you become unstoppable..... chat soon. Yes I am announcing a schedule by the end of the week. And this week is a busy one. Glossary up next.