Tracey Gardner



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Made in Columbus, Ohio 2008

Established 2010

I hated to work out. I was a stay at home 8 years ago and need to change my life so I did. A lot happens in 8 years and I have learned how to pick myself up and get emotionally clean. I can tell you what not to do. MORE COMING SOON!

Day 1 proud and there is no other day I would rather begin so surreal my Jadyn is graduating TODAY

Do you journal? You guys journaling is so cool to see how you grow and track progress best part it holds you accountable. So I want to do this with all of you because you understand and allowed me the space, patience to better myself for myself so I could give you the best knowledge, experience, and workout again. My way. I went back to my original intention and that allowed me to reset and it is still the same intention. Try it when you wake up before you get out of bed ...


 I set an intention daily ... TTYL 👊🏻💯❤️



My random core statements  . “TGM is Individual Group Therapy” “no pressure” .... til later... AND IN THE MEANTIME ... do something for you today  🔮