Tracey Gardner Method

10 years later...

Get emotionally, mentally clean to get physically strong. Feel the music don’t just hear it.

November 27 nourish

these vitamins that I have been on for a month are apart of my glow! No pressure but you know when I find something I believe in and love ❤️ I LOVE TO SHARE! And if you are interested in learning more here is the link. They literally work fast! The energy is so unreal and you don’t crash but the best part is that they are helping me from the inside. My nails, hair, skin AND THEY GIVE ME THE NUTRITION I HAVE BEEN MISSING.  So I do the $71.25 monthly and it’s the berries, fruit and vegetables. Pure pressed fruit and veggies in a capsule that also help with depression and so many other things! Self care is essential these days and for years I was worried about making others happy and fucked myself over so with this new beginning I can not stress how important SELF CARE is. I now take care of myself in so many new ways and this is just one of my newest healthy obsessions! Click the link below it will take you to 

If you have any questions please email 📧 me. But I swear by these! Just leveling up my life in all ways so I can be here to help you on your journey!