Tracey Gardner Method

10 years later...

Get emotionally, mentally clean to get physically strong. Feel the music don’t just hear it.

There is no place like home

Our EVOLUTION starts NOVEMBER 18, 2018 Sunday 6 pm to 7 pm TRACEY GARDNER METHOD (everyone must be again)

EXCLUSIVELY At the New Albany Ballet Company.

9 years later we have all grown. I can’t wait to begin again with you. Buy your class pass at the top click the link where it says “buy” more details and lots more TGM. I am back and ready to take you to the next level. Technique is most important and I cannot wait to educate, inspire and elevate you .

And help you understand what going deep is. TGM IS GOING DEEP. Deep within.  I have missed you guys and I have missed New Albany since it is home for me.

 Reconnect with me. First class of my intro series begins 11.18.2018 more coming soon Address is 5161 Forest Drive New Albany, Ohio 43054  XO

Reconnect with me. First class of my intro series begins 11.18.2018 more coming soon Address is 5161 Forest Drive New Albany, Ohio 43054


More times and days in the works but classes are $25 Drop in. Sessions are grouped into 8 week $160 and 12 week $220. No discounts but if you have classes left from downtown, there are several options for you. Everything will go directly through me since it is Tracey Gardner Method, my creation, my brand.

We will all be starting from the beginning and learning the TGM technique correctly and work into the next session. NO ONE has been taught this way since it is my rebrand. I have worked hard on a very detailed TGM curriculum. It is a process that requires patience. I understand that technique is most important and everyone can do TGM if you just pay attention to the cuing. I am excited to share the TGM with you again. It is nothing you have ever experienced. My intention is to help you fully understand the technique and understand my philosophy.

As I have said for years, TGM is so much more than “moves” I have created. TGM is not just any workout, fitness or yoga class. I went back to the ballet because I was sick of always being put into a fitness category when TGM is a performing art, dance, skill. My standards have always been high and I learned that to give the best TGM experience I needed to be surrounded people who share the same standards, values, integrity and respect that I have.

I had no idea how much I would hate being downtown, dealing with no parking. I was a city girl before I had my boys but that was 19 years ago and I AM DEFINITELY staying in my bubble in the suburbs. So yes I closed downtown this past January 2018. I had to get emotionally clean and get my mind back because it was terrorized for years.

After running away and relocating downtown in 2015 from some really bad toxic people and energy..I learned a lot and that my intuition always spoke to me since 2013 and I ignored it. So many people have asked me over the years have asked me about the bad energy we all felt. I was struggling with lots at the time and for the record and I was NEVER APART OF THE MEAN WOMEN, THE MEAN GIRLS (who ended up chasing me out of TGM and went into my first studio in WESTERVILLE only 2 months later after I left.) As a human being emotionally that crushed me because it was our safe place, yours and mine and it became so tainted with negativity energy and women bullies who never respected me. I was too afraid of confrontation so I kept my mouth shut which obviously screwed me over. The past is over and I am over it but as a brand that you trusted for years it is so important that I tell you what really happened. I am thankful for everything and everyone that never worked out.

I am thankful for the strong powerful women in my life. TGM is about elevating other. TGM is no pressure, no judging, no negative energy and it is the best thing you can give yourself. So excited to see you!