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10 years later...

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 #selfcaresunday !!!!  

I learned that there are different interpretations of crazy. I learned that I must educate people on the mat BUT off the mat as well so let me give you guys my interpretation of my 😜 crazy. When I call myself “crazy” I mean smart, fun, intensely passionate, I am silly, big energy and i get excited when I impact others!!! I love the music loud, and going over the edge is fun if you are in the mindset to learn from going over the edge. I can give you the tools but if you are a mean fucked up greedy controlling person and hate criticism I AM NOT YOUR PERSON. Authentic, real, raw, no filter is who I always was.

One who of my new missions is to teach you how to create boundaries and if those boundaries are not respected then get rid of the person. Yes people can be more harmful than things to your health and it is the insecure, miserable, angry, controlled  people in this world who want to call us CRAZY. So the new me has 🚫🚫tolerance policy for liars, backstabbers, ego driven, entitled, narcissistic people. Go somewhere else. I don’t want to help you.  No thanks. 🙏🏻 😉


I got picky and I am proud to say I completely changed my life. Not over night and I did lots of work going inward but I won’t shush anymore. I forgave myself for not listening to my gut these last 5 years and allowed people to screw me over because I was too worried about them and their feelings.  I learned my lesson(s) the hard way because I am an Empath.

I am thankful for all of it some of the best lessons we learn to grow and become a better human being is through trauma, negative people and experiences.  💪🏻I am going to educate you on getting emotionally clean from unhealthy people and environments. And get rid of the guilt inside if that is holding you back. I am here to enrich, nourish your life in so many ways.  I thank those of you who have respected my process. SELF CARE FIRST. Seriously it’s important! Lots of great tips i will share with you this week...💋


I have missed blogging so great to be back blogging again! xo Tracey 

#traceygardner2018 💋😉✨