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TGM is Tracey Gardner Method.  My moods, the highs and lows, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the anxiety, panic attacks, depression, ADHD, OCD, past addiction issues have always been who I am. Taking medication wasn't enough so I had to create a physical intense way to deal with them because they never go away... I created the most beautiful dark mood board of everything that excites me and they get released. The studio is dark, hot, steamy, no mirrors, with red lights, exposed brick and a specific heating system designed for TGM The physical results are just the bonus. TGM is the beauty behind my darkness. Intense wellness for your personal being. It is a multi sensory experience whether you do the workout or just love the brand.

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TGM is an evolution, movement, and journey. Nothing you have ever experienced in your entire life. Created with no intention except needing something to break the status quo. For example, winters are depressing because of the cold, not the darkness. There is something comfortable about being in the dark. Vulnerability evaporates where it feels "OK" to let go. This world is so formal and everyone "sells out" to avoid the uncomfortable. The lighting and ambiance help ease into TGM. When you come, you will become comfortable with the sassy, unspoken energy. You will be able to focus inward, and become comfortable with yourself. Even if you are a dancer, risk taker, adrenaline junkie, just love to create or want to learn a new workout to incorporate into your routine, TGM has something for you.