20 things about me that helped me create the brand. PRE 2015… (Part 1)

  1. I never liked to workout, the gym but I needed a release.

  2. I have an addictive personality, suffered from depression, severe postpartum depression, anxiety and ADHD. Broke my ankle 6 times TGM cured me all of it.

  3. I went to Ohio State and graduated in 1995 in Journalism.

  4. I wrote for the arts and music section of the Lantern at the Ohio State University for 2 years.

  5. I was married for 14 years to my college sweetheart and divorced in 2013.

  6. We have 2 boys 19 and almost 17 and we get along.

  7. I taught Yoga at Lifetime Fitness in 2003 and other places around Columbus and New Albany.

  8. I was a stay at home mom until I created TGM.

  9. I rented space from NA Ballet 2008 to 2010 where my creative process began.

  10. I privately trained the past President of Victoria’s Secret from 2007 to 2010 at her home and taught onsite at Bath and Body Works, Abercrombie & Fitch.

  11. I was the very first Lululemon ambassador in Columbus, OH December 2009 before they had stores.

  12. I became a Victoria’s Secret Ambassador for their VSX sport line they launched in 2010 and they hosted my DVD launch party in October 2010 BUT Lululemon wanted nothing to do with me after that. The employees were not allowed to come to any of my classes.

  13. I had the best staff ever when we opened in 2010 and all classes with all of my instructors were the place to be.

  14. I had no idea what I was doing but my passion led me.

  15. I was invited to YogaWorks in Soho, NYC in December 2010 through Pravasana. I also taught a class in NYC at Lululemon.

  16. I opened my first studio August 28, 2010 in Westerville, New Albany and designed it from the ground up with an artist, furniture designer who specialized in steel and reclaimed materials.

  17. I opened with the best staff back in 2010 and TGM was the place to be. I was overwhelmed with the success and how many people loved it as much as me.

  18. I never had a plan just a passion to inspire others to do something that they wouldn’t do.

  19. I then lost myself through the divorce, mean people, everything I built, my identity included because I didn’t listen to my intuition.

  20. So I closed that studio May 31, 2015 and decided to move it downtown Columbus which was the worst business decision. However my new story began….