Tracey Gardner Method TGM

It's a SOUL thing. Art. Sweat. Style. Beauty. Music. Design. Culture. Vibes. My creative, unique approach to wellness, yoga, fitness, Pilates.

A creative, unique approach to fitness. The music, the movement, the art form of getting into our bodies deeply is an intense and intimate connection. A different way to stretch, release emotions, that is primal, potent and powerful.

Tracey Gardner Method established 2008

Columbus Ohio and worldwide 2019

Schedule conflict tonight

will be shooting video and won’t be back in time for class tonight! Check back  and see what I create as I begin to unleash TGM. Tracey Gardner Method (ology) IS a culture, art, style and who I am and all of the things I do. I took the powerful pause from life and I’m so grateful to be comfortable in my own skin again. We have to get uncomfortable to make big changes in life so this past year has been a true experimental phase as i have mastered my craft... it is so exciting and I hope to inspire those of you who just need something and someone different to teach you things (styling, new body work, design etc) 

I love creating. I love becoming a minimalist and I love that I know what I want and have goals to elevate myself into a different level of consciousness. 

2019 “REESTABLISHED” for me and then you 🧨 I am immersed in ALL THINGS TGM and excited to share some of my new concepts with all of you. 

Have a happy Sunday 💥 


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