Tracey Gardner Method TGM

It's a SOUL thing. Art. Sweat. Style. Beauty. Music. Design. Culture. Vibes. My creative, unique approach to wellness, yoga, fitness, Pilates.

A creative, unique approach to fitness. The music, the movement, the art form of getting into our bodies deeply is an intense and intimate connection. A different way to stretch, release emotions, that is primal, potent and powerful.

Tracey Gardner Method established 2008

Columbus Ohio and worldwide 2019

Behind the scenes

Shooting some more video ... And I am on an all day shoot tomorrow so have a great Sunday and check your inbox on Monday...

Yes, I am doing private sessions this week! but please email only if you are SUPER SERIOUS. In this latest TGM human experiment it is unanimous...14 for 14 so I'll continue catch you next week and will be reaching out to some of you via email with a link to follow. 





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